In Memory


Lori Jacobs

Deceased Classmate: Lori Jacobs
Date Deceased: July-1980
Age at Death: 18
Cause of Death: As of injuries from a motorcycle accident
Survived By: George and Barbra and her youger sister.

Lori was on a first date with a young man. I believe they were going to have a bite to eat and take a bike ride. A car came around a corner out in Jacksonville, and was in their lane. Well, the rest is history. I was the first person to befriend her, when she moved here from the Portland area. She was a little shy and was having a rough go in a new school. What a sweet girl. It was easy to be her friend. I often wonder what she would have done with her life. What kind of mother she would have been. You know...all that stuff. It was my pleasure to have known her. I think of Lori and her family often. Her passing deeply troubled me and I miss her still.

Thanks to Denise Ratcliff Anderson for this information

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