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02/13/10 07:18 PM #1    


Gary Patee

Howdy Ya'll
my how time flys ! looking towards catching up on who's who in America.
thanks to all our fellow military comrades for your service :)

06/21/10 01:45 PM #2    


Pamela Jones (Kloor)

 I am glad to see so many women serviced in the military!  Boy, the 1980's sure were a different time to service than now-days.    Pam Jones (aka, Pamela Jones Kloor)

 P.S.  Who's that girl.  I need to upload a current picture!

07/08/10 09:43 PM #3    

Gordon Werdell

Hey, how many tree frogs are out there?  I remember there were at least a few of us out there during every break.

Gordon Werdell

07/11/10 06:29 PM #4    

Vickie Gibbons (Aubel)

Hey Gordon! I was a tree frog, I hopped out there a time or two and had a few croaks! I had forgotten about the tree frogs! Not my style these days though. Thank God I survived growing up!    Did you go by Gordy?

Blessing to you!

Vickie Gibbons Aubel

07/11/10 11:18 PM #5    

Gordon Werdell

Yes I did go by Gordy, but now of course I'm all grow'd up so I go by GORDON.  Just kidding.  I still go by Gordy, Gordo, and Gordon...some times people just call me @$$ hole it's all the same to me.  I was afraid all of the tree frogs had become extinct.  I am sure we all evolved into something better, but we had a very accepting group out there who didn't judge others by who they were, where they came from, or monetary background, which in my book is still a very good thing.  I feel we were ahead of our times.  Yes, there were also some bad behaviors practiced out there at times but we are after all a product  of our experiences, and better than the sum of those experiences.  We chose to be different, but together...not so bad.  Any whooo  happy 30th reunion.  I hope to arrange things so I can get down there for the reunion.  It would be nice to see everyone still around and reconnect.  Take care and GO TORNADO'S!!!!!

07/15/10 07:24 PM #6    

Gordon Werdell

That would be the tree frog area.  There wasn't a real close association just a bunch of folks who needed a time out or time away and we all happened to find the same place.  Looking good man!!

07/24/10 11:27 AM #7    


Kent Nottingham

Wow Vickie Gibbons!!! Now thats a name I haven't heard in a long, long time! You were a tree frog? LOL!!! Hope you make it to the reunion! (NO I WASN'T A TREE FROG, BTW. LOL!!!)

08/15/10 03:24 PM #8    

Denise Ratcliff (Anderson)

(Jeff Rider via Denise Anderson)

Hi  Gordy! Do you remember me, Jeff Rider?  I used to hang out with Duane Thomas. We were definately Tree Frogs too.

09/02/10 10:18 PM #9    

Gordon Werdell

Definitely Dude!!!  Haven't seen you guys for ages.   Remember a long time ago when they had that helicopter at Jackson elementary?  I think we were in Junior high at the time.  I think you were trying to swing on the blade and it suddenly stopped and it bonked your nose?  Big ooowwww!  Are you still in the Medford area?  I'm in the Tacoma, WA general area in a little town called Graham.  Hope everything is going well for you.  My e-mail is to ya later.

01/01/11 11:17 AM #10    


Michael Arthur

01/01/11 11:44 AM #11    


Michael Arthur

08/25/11 05:52 PM #12    


Kent Nottingham

Thanks to all that attended the first annual Fat City Reunion! It was an absolute blast and as far as I could tell, a total success! It was awesome to play dance music for all the "Generations" of patrons that came. We playd some of the earliest REAL disco ever played at Fats to some of the newest dance music. I got to shake hands and hugged many people I hadn't seen in years! If you went, thank you. If you didn't make it, its going to be an annual event that will get bigger & bigger each year!

Thank you again,

Kent Nottingham

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